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How to add auto-correct to Gmail in Chrome

Correct spelling can really change the effect of an e-mail on its recipient.

Screenshot by Nicole Cozma

Wish you could harness the power of a smartphone's auto-correction technique in Gmail on the Web? Now you can. ezAutoCorrect for Gmail is a new Chrome extension that will correct some of your most common spelling errors. While the dictionary is relatively limited for now, it will fix some of your most frequest mistakes. The correction process requires no input from you--meaning no more right-click dictionary madness for your typos any longer!

Screenshot by Nicole Cozma

Open Chrome and head to ezAutoCorrect for GMail in the Chrome Web Store. Now click on Add to Chrome, and wait for the extension to install to your browser. After the install, head over to Gmail and start typing! If you want to see the extension in action right away, try using one of the words that the developer stated are supported, like "im" for "I'm," or "teh" for "the." The words will be corrected in the same manner they are handled in Microsoft Word--no alert, it just gets fixed.

Screenshot by Nicole Cozma

Despite the small dictionary, the developer states that he/she may add more options for custom word replacements if there is a lot of interest in his/her extension.

Strangely the extension may have some trouble running in conjunction with ad-blocking software. The reason for this has yet to be determined, but seeing ads on Gmail is a small price to pay for not making typos in an important e-mail.