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How to add almost any gift card to Passbook

Here's how you can add almost any gift card to Passbook right now.

Jason Cipriani/CNET

Do a quick search on Twitter and you'll find many iOS users sending request after request (or in some cases, demand after demand) to retailers, airlines, and merchants for Passbook integration. Passbook is clearly one feature iOS users are eager to use, but the delay in adoption is driving them mad.

Enter Gyft.

Gyft is a gift card app for iOS that allows you to store gift card information in a single, easy-to-access place. Sound familiar?

As TechCrunch pointed out this morning, Gyft received a big update last night, bringing with it the ability to add any gift card stored in your Gyft account to Passbook. There are over 200 retailers supported by Gyft, ranging from Amazon to Zappos.

You'll need to add the gift card to Gyft before you can add it to Passbook. It is a little redundant, but for people dying to use Passbook, this is the most straightforward option. Don't have a gift card to add right now? Sephora is currently offering a free $5 gift card through the app, giving you the chance for a practice run of getting a gift card from Gyft to Passbook.

Tap on the Add to Passbook button for any gift card you have stored in Gyft. Screenshot by Jason Cipriani/CNET

Once you've added a card to Gyft, view details for it and then tap on the Add to Passbook button. You'll then be prompted to review and add it. Gyft has plenty of features beyond Passbook integration. You can purchase and send gift cards from directly within the app, as well as keep tabs on the current balance for most supported vendors. 

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