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How the Samsung Galaxy Note got its pen in CNET UK podcast 412

The Samsung Galaxy Note almost came with a toothpick, we're going back to "Jurassic World", and BT has its sights on O2 -- or maybe EE.

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It took a year for Samsung to figure out what the pen for the Samsung Galaxy Note should look like -- but does anyone use it?

We answer that question and many more in another exciting edition of the CNET UK podcast. First up, we ponder why BT is shopping for a mobile network, and whether it should pop O2 or EE in its basket. And we check out Chris Pratt's serious action face in the first trailer for the long-awaited , next year's sequel to "Jurassic Park".

Plus, we find out how the post office and Amazon have joined forces to make your Christmas shopping easier. And speaking of presents, we add this amazing James Bond-style laser watch to our Christmas list.

Hit play on the video and enjoy!

How the Samsung Galaxy Note got its pen in CNET UK podcast 412

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