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How the iPhone, Android, and Facebook changed everything in CNET UK podcast 400

We celebrate 400 episodes with a look at the iPhone, Android, Facebook and the technology that's changed your life in the last eight years.

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Cast your mind back to a time before Facebook, before the iPhone, before YouTube even... tough, isn't it? Yet that's when the CNET UK podcast began life, way back in 2006. And now we've hit episode 400 -- where does the time go?

In these days of smartphones and social media and the Internet pervading everything, technology isn't in the news, technology is the news. To celebrate 400 episodes chronicling this incredible time for tech, Andy, Luke and Rich round up the technology that has changed the world and changed our lives over the past eight years -- with the help of podcasters of the past as we trawl the archives for gems of wisdom and nuggets of insight. And something about Android being like a horse.

But first, we take a look at the latest news. This week, one of the industry's most colourful characters bid goodbye to the industry as Steve Ballmer finally ended his association with Microsoft. UK police guidelines on social media use warn against tweeting while naked, drunk or eating doughnuts, which is pretty solid advice for anyone. And we take a look at the latest iPhone rumours, as we have done in just about every episode of the podcast since the day it started.

Of course, the last eight years haven't all been about tech success: so we pour one out for the flops and the failures in our quiz as Luke attempts to draw level with Andy and Jason. Hit play on the video above or the audio below -- and enjoy!

How the iPhone, Android, and Facebook changed everything in CNET UK podcast 400

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We hope you enjoyed this and all the past 400 episodes of our little ol' podcast. Keep telling us what you think of the show and the rest of the week's technology news in the comments below -- we couldn't do it without you.

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