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How Motorola's Droid can unlock bra sizes

Among a viral video series from Motorola is a film that claims the phone has an unlock code that reveals the answer to every needy youth's most important question.

YouTube is graced by a channel called DROIDshortcuts. Here you will find many vastly serious ways in which you can use special codes on your Droid to improve your life and make you a better person.

You can, for example, use your Droid to change the traffic lights. You can use it to improve your pool prowess. That would be pool hall, rather than swimming pool.

However, many readers might find the most spiritedly enchanting video on this channel the one that reveals the unlock code that releases one of the Droid's most needed features. At least for the needy.

Yes, the Motorola Droid can allegedly detect any woman's bra size.

Clearly this series attempts to embed Droid's essential usefulness to the slightly unfinished male. Why, one of the initial DROIDshortcuts films suggested that the phone has an unlock code to translate dog barks. Which can be essential when being forced to walk home after a wayward adventure with your friends.

However, I have the strangest, easy feeling that, for a brand that has trumpeted its masculine, can-do, stealth bombing, iPhone-baiting self it will be the bra size film (who cannot love the bar lady's "Broke is the New Black" T-shirt?) that will enjoy the greatest virility. I'm sorry, I meant virality.

Indeed, at the time of writing, the bra ad has already experienced more than 171,000 YouTube views. The dog translation one, by contrast, which seems to have been up for much longer, has barely more than 50,000.