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How many 'Doctor Who' cosplayers does it take to set a world record?

Peter Capaldi was on hand to accept a Guinness World Records title for the the largest gathering of "Doctor Who" characters during a recent comic convention.

Peter Capaldi
Peter Capaldi accepts the Guinness certificate.
Guinness World Records

Oods and Daleks and Weeping Angels, oh my! The La Mole Comic Con took place in late March in Mexico City and Peter Capaldi, the Doctor himself, took a moment out from traveling through space and time to attend and sign autographs. He also had the honor of accepting a Guinness World Records title thanks to the cosplaying fan fervor on display at the event.

It seems like you can find a Guinness category for just about anything ("Longest metal coil passed through the nose and out of the mouth," anyone?). The cosplayers set a record for "Largest Gathering of People Dressed as Doctor Who Characters." Guinness released photos and details of the record on Monday.

So how many costumed "Doctor Who" fans does it take to earn a record? The answer is 492. Quite a few of the participants dressed up as various incarnations of the Doctor, but villains and aliens also got some time in the spotlight.

The rolling cyborg Daleks may be some of the most famous "Who" baddies, but screen-accurate costumes are notoriously challenging to build. One young woman got around the issue by wearing a Dalek hat with a matching dress.

The cosplay gathering isn't the only "Doctor Who" record on the Guinness books. The show currently owns the title of "Longest running science fiction TV series." UK man Ian O'Brien has 2,021 "Doctor Who" collectibles, which earned him the record for "Largest collection of Doctor Who memorabilia."

The record-setting "Doctor Who" gathering throws down the gauntlet for other fan conventions, including the "Who"-focused Gallifrey One in California. Think you can top 492 together at once? Guinness would like to see you prove it.