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How many balloons would it take to float Batman's house?

A handy online balloon calculator helps you figure out how many balloons it will take to float your house into the sky.

Balloon calculator
We're going to need a bigger balloon.

Some eternal questions vex us through history. How many licks does it take to get to the center of a Tootsie Pop? How do cats purr? How many balloons would it take to lift my house into the air like in the "Up" movie? That last question is no longer a mystery.

An online calculator from real estate blog Movoto will tell you how many helium balloons you'll have to order from Party City to get your house off the ground. You tell it how big your house is and it gives you the number. For the record, my 1,100-square-foot house will require a mere 28,470,200 balloons to battle gravity.

The calculator also fills you in on the balloon requirements for a small selection of famous buildings. Wayne Manor, for example, is in need of 1,100,000,000 balloons before Batman can fly it away like a giant mansion version of a Batplane.

The Pentagon is even more troublesome, requiring 260,000,000,000 balloons. The Playboy Mansion, however, only needs 500,800,000 before Hugh Hefner gets airborne. My house is starting to look like a real bargain.

(Via Gizmodo)