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Reality TV and 'Game of Thrones' collide in 'Housewives of Westeros'

Forget White Walkers. You should hear the sassy smack talkers in this satirical YouTube takeoff on the "Real Housewives" franchise.

Sunday's Season 5 finale for " Game of Thrones" ended in tragedy but gave us plenty to look forward to. While the Dragon Queen and Cersei Lannister certainly got plenty of screen time this season, it's easy to want to see a little more of the other female characters...and perhaps even imagine how they might all interact if thrown together, reality-show style.

The comic geniuses over at the Dirty Cues YouTube channel imagined just such a scenario, although not under the most flattering of circumstances -- even for the likes of Cersei and Melisandre -- in the above short "Game of Thrones: The Real Housewives of Westeros," coming this fall to Braavos.

The three-minute video is a solid satire of the tired Bravo reality franchise littered with "Game of Thrones" in-jokes ("Winter is still coming;" "King's Landing -- more like Kings dying"). The sniping between Cersei and Margaery is priceless, but you've really got to love the portrayal of sour old Stannis Baratheon as a would-be king with a compulsion for proper grammar.

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The exchange between Sansa Stark and Margaery may even be an improvement on the dialogue in the show between the two constantly betrothed young ladies. "Don't worry, I'm on my third Baratheon and I'm not even 18," the young lady Tyrell counsels Sansa. "He'll die soon enough."

Check it out for yourself to learn the snarky reason the Westerosi really call Lord Baelish "Littlefinger."