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'House of Cards' season 5 trailer Trumps real-world politics

Tired of the Trump show? Netflix hopes you'll still be interested in watching some real fake news.

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The past year of politics has proven again that truth can be stranger than fiction, so the already over-the-top Netflix political thriller "House of Cards" is adding a few stories and then going over the top of that higher bar in its latest trailer.

The promo video above hints that the power-hungry Underwoods are more ravenous than ever. It's tough to extract a lot of specifics from the more than a minute of quick cuts, but there does appear to be plenty of sex, corruption and crime. Plus Claire Underwood (Robin Wright) wearing a gas mask for some reason.

A voiceover from Frank Underwood (Kevin Spacey) lets us know the couple is planning to throw caution and maybe even term limits to the wind in this next season. Underwood also drops one of the best catch phrases we've heard in a while: "One nation, Underwood."

The timing of the trailer release just after President Donald Trump's first 100 days in office seems designed to entice those exhausted by the unprecedented political craziness. It's as if Netflix is giving us all a friendly shoulder massage while saying, "Hey, remember this show? We invented wild political drama, back before it was real. The good news is we still aren't real so you can just watch and relax. I bet that sounds nice doesn't it?"

Yes. Yes, it does. But we still have to wait until May 30, when all episodes of "House of Cards" season 5 arrive on the streaming service.

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