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Hot-tub hammock promises camping bliss

The Hydro Hammock is a relaxing hammock with the major bonus feature of doubling as a portable hot tub. It's a Kickstarter, though, so it might have to stay in our dreams.

Hydro Hammock set up in the wilderness
Bliss is a snowy day with a hot-tub hammock. Hydro Hammock

The next time you go camping, you could pack a tent. You could pack a sleeping bag and a camp stove. Or you could just forget all that and pack a Hydro Hammock, a combination of a hot tub and a hammock. It's not quite as exciting as a hot-tub time machine, but it opens up a new realm of relaxation with soothing warmth surrounding you in the great outdoors.

This luxurious invention is currently raising funds on Kickstarter. It's a two-part product consisting of a single or double-layer hammock and a water-heating system. According to the campaign, you set it up, fill it up and crank it up to enjoy a heated-up chill-out experience.

The Hydro Hammock doesn't necessarily require a couple of trees to function. It can also be laid in a pit in the ground or at the beach.

Skeptical? Despite the undeniable bubbly lure of a hot-tub hammock, the Kickstarter is moving a bit slowly. There's a $50,000 funding goal, but only around $12,000 raised with 20 days left to run. A likely culprit for the sleepy sales is the price. A basic single-layer Hydro Hammock costs a $260 pledge (£170, AU$350). That's not too bad, but it doesn't include the heating system.

The water heater system comes with a gas water heater, hose, water pump, removable rechargeable battery, strainer, water treatment pellets and a fondue pot. Yes, a fondue pot. Buying the heating system separately costs $920 (£600, AU$1,235) or you can buy it as a set with a single-layer hammock for $1,180 (about £769, AU$1,585).

You may need to be a dedicated glamper (glamour-camper) to invest in a Hydro Hammock, but the lure of luxuriating in your own personal hot tub is certainly tempting. Just keep in mind the usual buyer-beware cautions involved with any Kickstarter project and assess the risk of receiving the product as promised before you pledge.