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Hot deal: Plus Deck 2c tape-to-MP3 cassette deck, $116

We found you a great discount on a gadget that converts your old tapes into digital format.

Plus Deck 2c
BTO: Beyond the ordinary

All those mix tapes your friends made you, all the wistful nostalgia of Iron Maiden and proto-emo early Smiths can be at your fingertips again with the magic of tape-to-MP3 technology. And today, we found you a converter on sale at almost a 30 percent reduction in price.

Keeping in mind that sales tax varies from state to state, this is a pretty good deal--a little more than a hundred smackers to save you the time and hassle of finding all your old Hüsker Dü and Wham! favorites on CD. Be sure to check the seller's site for hardware and system requirements before buying.

If you want the high-end, higher-price big sister of this machine, with more features and updated design, check out Crave's review of the Plus Deck EX.

What: Plusdeck2c tape-to-MP3 cassette deck
How much: $108
Shipping: $8, varies
Where: X-treme Geek
When: Through unknown date