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Hot deal: National Geographic National Park topo CD-ROMs for $2 each

Sierra Trading Post offers a sophisticated topo mapping system on CD-ROM at an 80 percent discount.

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National Parks topo mapping
National Geographic TrailSmart

You're a dedicated digital professional of some kind, shackled to your desk all week. But you're a fearless explorer of the natural world on your days off. When you get ready for your next overland adventure, you can plan your route down the Shenandoah River or up Mount Everest with pens, highlighters and a large collection of topographical maps unfolded over every available surface--or you can use one little CD-ROM from National Geographic. No, you cannot plan it all out on a GPS. You need some old-fashioned know-how to go with your newfangled technology.

Assuming you have a color printer, National Geographic's TrailSmart National Park CD-ROM allows you to mark locations, add text boxes, map your route and create elevation profiles. It also points out attractions and features of the terrain along the route.

Sierra Trading Post is offering some of these CD-ROMs at an 80 percent discount, or $2 each. Check the site for which geographies are on offer.

OK, here's the problem: Because shipping comes out to three times the reduced price of the CD-ROM, this is a terrible deal if you buy the CD-ROMs by themselves. But if you're going to Denali, you most likely need tarps, MREs, backpacks, tents, crampons, moisture-wicking unmentionables and so forth. So when you place your order from Sierra, add these CDs on to ice the cake.

What: National Geographic National Park topo CD-ROMs
How much: $1.95
Shipping: $5.95
Where: Sierra Trading Post
When: through unknown date