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Hosanna! Eric Schmidt is now on Google+

Google's chairman decides that today is the time to finally post some wisdoms on his own company's social networking hotbed. It seems odd that it coincides with one of his own engineers accidentally posting highly critical comments on the site.

There is both a joy and a power when one arrives late to a party. Even if it's your own party. Especially if it's your own party.

The entrance you make draws absolute attention toward you and away from everything else.

It is, therefore, with a consummately uplifted spirit that I thank TechCrunch for spotting the arrival of Google Executive Chairman Eric Schmidt on Google+. He has posted a link to his thoughts on Steve Jobs. Yes, that's all, but it is a fine start.

Screenshot: Chris Matyszczyk/CNET

Those of you whose hearts have been riven with a cynical virus will chafe at the timing of Schmidt's entry.

You will declare--because you are declarative sorts--that he has suddenly appeared on the very day that one of Google's own engineers accidentally posted a stinging, scathing, troubling rebuke of the social network and, particularly, its non-platform platform.

Steve Yegge, for that is the engineer's name, described the platform as "a pathetic afterthought." He also offered that the service was "a knee-jerk reaction."

I feel confident, though, that Schmidt's appearance on Google+ is not a knee-jerk reaction. He is a busy man. And let's face it, Google+ is a slightly complicated thing, one that takes up a lot of time, energy and brain fluid.

Surely, Schmidt's timing is perfect. Surely we can now expect daily posts that will offer us a deeper and more satisfying glimpse into the inner thought-processes at Google--such as, does he really get nervous before appearing on "The Colbert Report"?

And surely you will appreciate why I have not once mentioned Schmidt's profile picture.