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Hop suitcase follows you around like a loyal dog

Never leave your luggage unattended with a Hop suitcase, a bag that follows around at your heels wherever you go.

Hop suitcase
The Hop doesn't actually hop, but it does roll.
Rodrigo Garcia Gonzalez

Take a Sony Aibo and cross it with a Samsonite. Congratulations, you have the world's most loyal piece of luggage, the Hop. Hop is a suitcase that automatically follows you around.

The suitcase is stocked with three receivers that triangulate the user's phone's position over Bluetooth. A microcontroller does the calculations and keeps it at a close distance. The suitcase is security-minded. If it gets lost, the user's phone will vibrate and Hop will lock itself up tight.

Hop uses a two-track caterpillar system with compressed air to actually move. Much like a Dalek, it probably won't do well with stairs.

The Hop suitcase is in prototype form at this point, but it's an interesting peek at where luggage may go someday as we slowly attain our Jetsons future.

The suitcase seems like a sweet step above the usual telescoping handle rolling bags. It would probably be a great TSA annoyance device, as well. Its sense of loyalty should make the TSA happy in at least one respect. If you have a Hop suitcase, you couldn't leave your luggage unattended even if you tried.

(Via Geekologie)