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Hooked Up: It's the best of celebrity tech. Exposed.

The only show where the world of celebrity collides with the world of technology.

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I'm pretty juiced to announce an all-new show that you'll be able to find right here on CNET called "Hooked Up." It's a partnership between CNET and CBS Television Distribution, and it will be a new weekly Web series that brings you today's hottest stars and the technology that surrounds them.

CBS entertainment correspondent and host Kevin Frazier goes inside the homes of celebrities like Cee Lo Green and others as they share the gadgets they love. Each 15-minute show will feature a new celebrity and the shows will air on Wednesdays from April 24 through May 22.

I'll join Kevin each week to share insights and advice about the stars' tech products and show viewers how to create similar environments within their own homes.

There's never been a show that's combined the two worlds of celebrity and technology, and we're excited to bring it to you.