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Zuck and his 'comfy hobo' wardrobe zinged in Honest Trailer

But really, is that so bad? This snarky video makes some good, and funny, points about the 2010 movie "The Social Network."

It's been seven years since "The Social Network," aka "The Facebook Movie," came out, but the Screen Junkies YouTube channel, famous for its Honest Trailers, is just getting around to mocking it.

And it's a Zuckerberg zinger worth waiting for. "Experience the world's smartest film about the world's dumbest premise," the narrator crows over snore-worthy images of Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg writing code and being questioned in a deposition.

Facebook itself is described as "the website your crazy aunt posts Minion memes on," and there are jokes not just aimed at Zuckerberg (played by Jesse Eisenberg), but his early partner, Eduardo Saverin (Andrew "Spider-Man" Garfield).

The trailer points out that Saverin's 0.03 percent of Facebook is still more money than the rest of us will ever see in a lifetime, and it unrolls a hilarious segment showing just how many times the word "Harvard" is uttered, in case anyone thought Zuckerberg was attending Miami Dade Community College.

But some of the best jabs are aimed straight at the young Facebook billionaire himself, describing him as having the "mind of a calculator, the heart of a troll, and the wardrobe of a comfy hobo." Is that ... a bad thing? Watch and decide for yourself.