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Honest Trailer for 'Finding Dory' even makes the narrator cry

Sure, maybe no one was eager to learn about the origins of the "Just Keep Swimming" song, but even the critics have to admit Dory is a-dorable.

The Honest Trailers narrator is a pretty hardened movie critic at this point, since his job is to point out all the goofs, lame money grabs and embarrassing moments of major films. But one film made even this battle-hardened disembodied voice break down in (OK, fake) tears: "Finding Dory." The Honest Trailer was published Tuesday to pair with the film's home-video release.

"Finding Dory" answers a bunch of questions no one ever really had, the trailer points out, including "who wrote the 'Just Keep Swimming' song" (Dory's parents) or how she learned to speak whale (childhood pal Destiny).

Maybe the best part of the Honest Trailer is when it gives spot-on nicknames to the various cast members, including Dora the Ignora for Dory, Finding Hank (Coming Summer 2022) for Hank, Annoying Orange for Nemo's whiny dad Marlin, Emo for Nemo and more. (Don't miss the skewering of mopey Anakin Skywalker and his hatred of sand.)

It also points out that the film's characters couldn't have survived its plot without gallons and gallons of improbable conveniently placed water, appearing in a janitor's bucket or flower vase just when they were gasping for breath.

But this is one of the stellar kid-movie franchises, and even an Honest Trailer has to be honest about that. "Damn you, Pixar!" the narrator curses at one point. "Even your B-material makes me cry!"