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Honda's F1 team gives up green for green

Honda forgoes commercial advertising on its 2007 F1 cars to promote an eco-friendly message.


Honda's Formula One racing team is to forgo millions of dollars in sponsorship revenue this season by replacing the valuable advertising real-estate on its cars' exteriors with an image of the Earth. The cars, which last year sported decals promoting eco-unfriendly Lucky Strike cigarettes, will this year be adorned with a huge blue and green environmentally inspired graphic.

In the press release accompanying today's official unveiling of the car at London's Natural History Museum, the automaker said it was eschewing the temptation to turn its RA107 car into a 200mph billboard in order to "raise awareness of climate change among the 150-plus million viewers of each race."

The boss of Honda Racing's F1 team also said his cars would feature "devices for energy recovery," presumably regenerative braking systems, by 2009.

But how will the environmentally virtuous Honda manage to recoup all its lost advertising revenue, you ask? It is a question that is bound to be raised in endless articles on the Web, in newspapers and magazines, and on TV all over the world in the next few days.