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Honda's Asimo robot shows off new moves

The latest version of Honda’s humanoid robot visits New York during the International Auto Show. Asimo has learned new skills, including sign language. But when will he speak like Siri?

CNET Update wants to find a nice girl for Asimo:

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In this episode of Update, learn about the latest advancements in Honda's humanoid robot. Asimo (which stands for Advanced Step in Innovative Mobility) has improved hand dexterity, so it can communicate with American and Japanese sign language. Asimo also is quite skilled in staying balanced while running, climbing stairs, kicking balls or hopping on one foot. And it might even find a future gig as a bartender.

But what about voice commands? Although Honda did not provide a demo during the New York visit, Asimo's chief engineer, Satoshi Shigemi, said the robot can be programmed to understand and answer some phrases in Japanese. And it can also distinguish between different faces and voices.

But what if Asimo courted Siri or Cortana? Asimo will evolve to a new species when it better understands natural speech, similar our voice-controlled smartphones. Honda executives didn't reveal many details about the future of Asimo's language skills. Shigemi said his team wants to train Asimo to be able to walk alongside a human and carry their luggage.

Maybe at age 14, Asimo is still too young to hang out with those sassy smartphone girls.

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