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Home tech reports to reach the masses

Nonprofit organization Internet Home Alliance will announce on Monday that it will begin offering research on the home technology market to the public for a fee. The group is working to advance the home technology industry and expound on the benefits to consumers of connecting their computers and other electronic devices to the Net. By making the formerly exclusive research available to the public, it is hoping to provide companies interested in the home technology market with information that will help them to bring products to market faster.

Research reports will start at $500 and will go on sale 90 days after group members first see the reports. The first report will be on the U.S. Connected Home Market. The research comes from consulting firm Zanthus. Companies that are part of the Internet Home Alliance include Best Buy, Cisco Systems, General Motors, Hewlett-Packard, Invensys, The NewPower Company, Panasonic, Sears Roebuck and Sun Microsystems.