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Home smelling funky? Unleash this scented Roomba

Fancy air that smells of vanilla cupcakes? Stick this strip on your robot's backside and breathe deeply.

Video screnshot by Tim Hornyak/CNET

Your Roomba can do double duty as an air-quality tester and even a cat transporter, so why not a fragrance factory too?

Robot Add-ons has a nifty little accessory for your favorite robot hockey puck: RoomAroma is a stick-on fragrance that sweetens the air in your home while Roomba cleans up.

It's quite an innovative way to improve your air without bothering to plug in air fresheners, and it attaches to Roomba in a snap. It's no wonder the two guys behind Robot Add-ons are from iRobot.

You simply peel off some adhesive backing on the fragrance strip and slap it over the exhaust vent on Roomba. Activate the droid and let it odorize your home.

The strips come in starter-kit packs at $24.99, with fragrances ranging from "vanilla cupcake" to "clean cotton," whatever that is. Refills are $19.99.

They last about 30 days if Roomba is used about an hour every day, according to Robot Add-ons. Check out the promo vid for the RoomAroma fresheners below.

Just imagine the YouTube videos if there were a catnip version.