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Home phones never looked so good

The Thompson Symbio looks more like a clickable icon than a phone.

Crave Asia

Most people tend to fall asleep when they see terms like DECT and VoIP listed in the product description. Yet even though that was what we were faced with when looking at the Thompson Symbio's datasheet, its design alone kept us more than awake.

While it is obviously shaped like a landline phone, the "hollowness" of its chassis makes it more akin to a clickable icon on a computer desktop. In fact, we think the perfect complement to the Symbio would be a giant plastic mouse pointer to prod it when it rings. Aside from allowing you to make calls, it is also a set of stereo speakers that allows you to stream music or listen to FM radio.

Notcot says this product was announced for Europe at the CeBIT trade show in Germany. We have contacted Thompson about other release information and will update this post when we get it.

(Source: Crave Asia)