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Holy swimsuit Batman! It's Caped Crusader couture

Australian fashion house Black Milk adds a bit of the bat to its geek-inspired offerings for women.

The swimsuit with cape will sell for about $100.
Black Milk

In just five days, Australian fashion house Black Milk will fill a longtime hole in the world of women's fashion: Batman clothes. And if you're thinking tacky vinyl capes and cheesy plastic yellow belts, guess again. As you can see in the video below, these threads are styling.

The line features leggings, and bathing suits imprinted with comic-strip graphics, as well as a couple of superhero-esque skirts and dresses. There are also quite a few GFTs, which, it took me a bit of cyber-sleuthing to find out, stands for girlfriend T-shirt. These have shorter sleeves and curves at the bottom as opposed to BFTs, which are your more standard boxy "boyfriend" shirts (the things you learn writing for Crave). All the T-shirts are long enough that the models wearing them don't seem to need to bother with any pants.

Black Milk is no stranger to making clothes for geeky girls. Its lines include "Hogwarts," "Middle-earth," "Star Wars," and more (the Artoo 2.0 dresses are particularly cool).

Until the line is released on February 11, you can check out the duds on Black Milk's Pinterest board, or check out this blog post that lets you get a behind-the-scenes peek at the fashion shoot. I'd like to be invited to that next time (so I can bring back a bag of swag for my wife, of course).

Even though Black Milk is an Australian company, it does ship to the US. Start surveilling the outfits now, so you can be the first on your block with a pair of your very own Gotham's Most Wanted Leggings.