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Holy snail mail, Batman! Caped Crusader nabs his own stamps

Who needs the Bat-Signal when you can send letters using these collectible Batman stamps from the US Postal Service?

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Bonnie Burton

These new stamps are geektastic! USPS

Batman saved Gotham from everyone from the Joker to Bane, but now thanks to these limited-edition Forever stamps from US Postal Service the Dark Knight could be saving snail mail from being boring.

To celebrate Batman's 75th anniversary, there are multiple variations of DC Comics' Caped Crusader with eight designs which include four eras of Batman costumes and four Bat-Signals per sheet of 20 stamps.

The first row of stamps shows a muscular Batman from the Modern Age of comics. The second row features Bronze Age of comics Batman alerted by the Bat-Signal.

The third row displays Silver Age Batman jumping into action with his signature cape swooping behind him. The bottom row highlights Golden Age Batman envisioned by creator Bob Kane.

The background illustration on the sheet features a silhouette of Batman standing on a bridge with Gotham's skyline looming above. The reverse side of the sheet displays two illustrations of Batman as well as a short history of the beloved superhero. USPS Art Director Greg Breeding designed the stamp sheet.

"The US Postal Service has a long history of celebrating America's icons, from political figures to pop culture's most colorful characters," said Nagisa Manabe, USPS chief marketing and sales officer, in a statement. "We are thrilled to bring Batman off the pages of DC Comics and onto the limited-edition Forever Batman stamp collection, marking his place in American history."

A sheet of 20 Batman stamps retails for $9.80 plus shipping and handling and is available now on USPS.com.