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Holcomb, 'Night Train' team collect bobsled gold

After winning the U.S.' first gold medal in bobsled in 62 years, the team got down and boogied in Whistler.

Teammates Steven Holcomb and Steve Mesler show off their gold medals on Saturday, hours after breaking the United States' 62-year gold medal drought in bobsled. Ina Fried/CNET

WHISTLER, B.C.--Steve Holcomb stood proud as he and his bobsled team were honored with the Americans' first gold medal in that sport in 62 years.

Then, offstage, he did his now famous Holcy dance. Unfortunately, CBS doesn't have broadcast rights, so I can't show you that. But I will put a YouTube video at the bottom so you can get the idea.

In an interview, Holcomb told me that he's done a lot of crazy things in his life, but said, "this is a better high than anything." The huge adrenaline rush makes him understand why retiring German sledder Andre Lange stuck with the sport so long. "It's addicting."

Teammate Steve Mesler said hearing the national anthem after winning gold was an amazing feeling. "It was kind of everything I hoped it would be." His one complaint: "It didn't last long enough."

In the hours after winning gold, Mesler was so excited tweeting and sending messages that his phone battery ran out of juice. "I had to shut it off," he said.

The team is off to the USA House to celebrate with fellow athletes and backers of the U.S. Olympic Team before heading to Vancouver late tonight in order to do the "Today" show on Sunday morning.