Hitachi ships its terabyte drive

A terabyte used to sound big. Now you can snap it up at CDW for under 400 clams.

If you've got $399 and a burning need to story 1 terabyte of data, Hitachi has the drive for you.


The Hitachi Deskstar 7K1000 hard drive from Hitachi Global Storage Technologies is now available at retailers like CDW for a suggested retail price of $399. The company announced the drive earlier.

Although hard drive makers compete in a difficult market that often results in losses for many companies, their engineers nonetheless move at a blistering pace. Hard drive capacity continues to double about every two years, which leads to higher capacity at lower prices.

How much is a terabyte? It's enough to hold the same amount of information as 50,000 trees chopped up and turned into paper, according to the How Much Information study from UC Berkeley.