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Hitachi announces new HDTV models

Electronics maker unveils assortment of plasma and LCD displays, with sizes up to 55 inches.

Hitachi on Tuesday unveiled an assortment of flat-panel televisions for the U.S. market. The company's high-definition plasma line includes eight models with either 42-inch or 55-inch screens. The systems will become available on a staggered schedule between June and October, with prices ranging from $2,699 to $6,999, depending on factors such as placement of speakers and inclusion of features such as IEEE 1394 interfaces for consumers wanting to record to hard drives. Last week, the electronics maker said it plans to significantly increase its plasma display production.

New LCD-based flat-panel HDTV models come in three sizes. The 26-inch model is due in August, priced at $1,999; the 32-inch model in September, priced at $2,699; and the 37-inch model in October, priced at $3,499. A top-of-the-line model with additional controls and features, the 32HLX61, is due in June at a price of $3,799.