Twitter tracks Hillary Clinton sightings post election

Prestige selfie shooters may want to consider heading to the woods outside of Chappaqua, New York, to grab that perfect shot of "HRC" in the wild.

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Eric Mack

Even after losing a long, mean-spirited campaign to become the most powerful woman in history, life goes on for Hillary Rodham Clinton. And Twitter is out to document what that looks like.

The hashtag #HRCintheWild and Twitter feed of the same handle are becoming the go-to way to keep tabs on the failed Democratic nominee for the presidency. Both began popping up over the long holiday weekend in the United States.

Longtime Clinton aide Adam Parkhomenko says he started the account on the suggestion of an NYU student and Hillary supporter.

"I put it together because everyone seemed to be getting a smile from the photos," Parkhomenko said in an email.

It became clear in the days after the election that hikes in the woods near the Clintons' New York home are the former Secretary of State's way of decompressing after the election. Similar Hillary selfies have circulated online since then:

Clinton's shopping trips also appear to be ceremonial selfie-filled occasions:

Of course, not all HRC sightings can be confirmed as real:

Just in case, we'll keep an eye out for Hillary across the many wide and wild places of the world, including this bald eagle nest cam, where a Clinton sighting would certainly be poetic for many of her supporters.