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Hilariously photoshopped 'Thor 2' poster in China cinema

A Shanghai theater prints out its own poster for the "Thor" sequel, but it communicates a different sort of superhero love story.

Photoshopped "Thor 2" poster
Talk about brotherly love.

If you were to step into the lobby of the Shanghai Bona Insun International Theater Complex in China, you might see a large poster advertising "Thor: The Dark World." This particular poster seems to hint at the new film taking quite a departure from the love story featured in the first "Thor." Yes, Thor and Loki are getting cozy. Very cozy.

A blog called dcinside.com published a photo of the poster in the wild. It's not an official poster by a long shot, but rather a fan-made poster. It was modified from an original poster image featuring star Chris Hemsworth wrapping a protective arm around his onscreen lady-love Natalie Portman.

The Loki-love version seems to trace back to a now-deleted Weibo (Chinese microblogging site) user named bbqfish2012. Perhaps bbqfish2012 works in the marketing department at the cineplex.

The Thor-Loki embrace will thrill the hearts of a certain portion of the fanbase, mostly the same ones who spend their time writing slash fiction.

As we keep hearing, opposites attract. Plus, Loki is adopted, so it's not as weird as it could be. I think they make a cute couple, and Loki really does look happy for a change.

The real "Thor 2" movie poster
And here's the original, which is not nearly as much fun. Marvel

(Via Reddit)