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Hilarious drunken Star Wars recap stars Richard Gere and Yoda the chupacabra

The wine is strong as a woman delivers an alcohol-induced Star Wars narrative, despite never having seen a single film in the franchise.

Believe it or not, there are still some people who have never seen a Star Wars movie.

One such person is DJ Mark Zabala's girlfriend, Maggie K, and Zabala posted a video of her on his Facebook page on Tuesday explaining the entire film franchise -- after a few glasses of wine.

Even though Maggie has never actually seen a Star Wars film, she believes she has seen enough of the promos, commercials and merchandising to pretty accurately surmise the plot of the films.

Lucky us.

Star Wars (the Drunk Version)

My girlfriend explains Star Wars after a few glasses of wine. She's hasn't seen any...

Posted by Mark Zabala on Tuesday, December 22, 2015

The narrative that ensues during the six-plus minutes of the video is truly chuckle-inducing. It involves a character named Lucas and his sidekick Richard Gere (we think she means Han Solo) rescuing the princess; angel Stormtroopers (because, you know, they wear white); Chewbaba the cat; and a little green clairvoyant guy who was either Buddha in "another timeline" or a chupacabra.

Adding to the hilarity are the various sound effects and still images Zabala throws up on the screen during the narrative. I'll just say that even the Beastie Boys make an appearance.

This nicely twisted and very silly version of the Star Wars universe is a refreshing break from all of the serious reviews and analysis that have flooded the Internet since "The Force Awakens" took over everyone's attention last week. It's also a story line I'd love to see made into a spoof film.

So thank you Maggie K, and may the Force (and a few Advil) be with you. Oh, and if you need an agent to rep your script, give me a shout.