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Hijack the movies with bespoke screenings of your favourite flick

A cinema chain in the UK lets you choose from 200 movies to design your own crowdsourced screening.


Usually the most choice you get when you head to the movies is sweet or salted popcorn. But a chain of cinemas will now let you choose not only which movie theatre you're going to, but also gives you the option of naming the time and choosing your favourite flick.

Ourscreen is a new crowdsourcing scheme from the UK's Picturehouse cinema chain that puts you in charge of programming at your local fleapit. To create a bespoke Ourscreen screening, you choose a movie from a list of more than 200. They range from new releases like "Next Goal Wins", recent films such as "The Grand Budapest Hotel", and classics like "Scarface", "The Blues Brothers", and "The Breakfast Club".

Decide which cinema you want to go to, name the time, and then invite friends to join you. Your screening can be a private or public event, and if enough people book tickets the event goes ahead.


It could be handy if you want to, say, celebrate your birthday watching your favourite movie in the comfort of a movie theatre with your mates. Or perhaps you missed a recent release on its first run so you fancy another chance at seeing it on the big screen. You could even make a day of it and programme your own double bill.

The Ourscreen website shows the potential screenings for each movie theatre, telling you how many more people have to book for the screening to go ahead. Screenings are held at various cinemas in 13 towns and cities around the UK: Bath, Brighton, Cambridge, Edinburgh, Exeter, Henley, Liverpool, London, Norwich, Oxford, Southampton, Stratford-upon-Avon and York.