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High schooler does deal to trade finals for 15,000 retweets

A Texas high school student agrees with his art teacher that if he can get 15,000 retweets, his whole class can skip their final exams. The school is not impressed.

The art of the deal. Andrew Muennink/Twitter screenshot by Chris Matyszczyk/CNET

It's only art.

In any case, there are few greater contemporary arts than tweeting.

So how can one not admire the brush-stroke of enterprise made by Texas high schooler Andrew Muennink. He wanted to be both artistic and community-minded.

So he did a deal with his art teacher Cindy House that if he could get 15,000 retweets for a picture of himself with her, she would allow the class to skip its final exam.

This seemed good business for both sides. The kids would get off lightly. The teacher wouldn't have to look at their miserable, half-cocked daubings.

At the time of writing, Muennink is very close to his goal. He is but a few hundred short of his 15,000.

However, as USA Today reports, Round Rock High School is not a supporter of the tweeting art.

School District Spokeswoman JoyLynn Occhiuzzi told the paper that, regardless of this deal, the class would be taking its exam. "The law says that the teacher must give a grade on student mastery," she said.

The law, though, is flexible in Texas. Deals, too, flow like beer. Couldn't the powers-that-be see the art of this deal?

Though the school's principal insists it was all a joke, Muennink told USA Today: "I was serious. I don't want to take the final. I'm not very artistic and she grades us hard. [The teacher] didn't really indicate that it was a joke. She shook hands with me. She was laughing the whole time."

She was laughing, but that isn't an indication that this might be a joke?

So we must wait until the end of May to see whether Muennink -- or indeed anyone -- will turn up for the final art exam.

If House really does have a sense of humor, the exam will have just one question: "Show how artistic you can be by getting the maximum number of retweets. You have three hours."