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High-fashion Versace phone

Facebook is banned in Pakistan, Google's next iteration of Android will be called Gingerbread, and Versace launches a very fancy high-fashion phone.

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I'm going to go out on a limb and say that the Versace Unique is not an iPhone killer. Or an Evo killer. Or whatever phone du jour we want to kill at the moment.

Why are these high-fashion phones still around? Who uses them? I've never once seen one in the wild. Only once have I ever even heard of one in the wild and that was when my friend Adam Curry said that he was going to buy his teenage daughter a Samsung Armani. He hardly counts. He is a high-profile guy. Mere mortals do not buy couture when it comes to phones!

We don't know many tech specs about the Unique but I'm guessing it doesn't run Google's Android operating system. I'm also guessing it doesn't have its own way to blend your social networks like Motoblur. Its selling points are an 18 carat gold finish and handcrafted leather back.

You'll have to forgive me if I make a conjecture about the person who pulls this out of their vintage Versace clutch or manbag but my knee-jerk reaction to someone using the Unique would be one of these two premature judgments: "Pretentious poser" or "Gadget n00b." Sorry. 

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