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Stop-motion film starring a naked butt will make you feel loved

The "Hi Stranger" animated short takes stop motion in a surreal direction that some may find creepy and others may find soothing.

Caution: mildly NSFW if you're bothered by about a semi-human animated naked butt.

After watching "Hi Stranger," a stop-motion short from animator Kirsten Lepore, you may feel relaxed and rosy, like all is right with the world and things are looking up for you. Then again, you may feel a little tickle of doubt, like surreality is taking the place of reality. That's OK.

"Hi Stranger" features an anonymous animated humanoid lounging outstretched, bare butt to the heavens, who gives you an engaging pep talk about how great you are despite your self-doubts and how hard you are on yourself. "I feel like I can really be vulnerable around you," it says.

It's like watching a guided relaxation video hosted by the "Eraserhead" baby's less-freaky cousin.

There's a sci-fi sunset over the water, soothing music, a sequence where the creature takes notes about your "shapes" and calls you beautiful. You might feel unsettled. You might feel loved. You might feel both.

Lepore created "Hi Stranger" for a collection of shorts created by a group of indie animators and themed around the concept of strangers. The full collection came out late last year, but Lepore just posted her contribution to YouTube on Monday, where it's picking up steam on the site's trending-videos list.

Give "Hi Stranger" a watch and tell us in the comments about how it makes you feel.

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