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Hey, man! Get your medical pot, Groupon-style

A site called mmjDailyDeals.com is your new, social-coupon site for marijuana. Medical, of course.

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With its Super Bowl ads, Groupon attempted to show its heartfelt social consciousness.

Now there's a new site that tries to use Groupon-style principles to help you veer socially toward unconsciousness.

mmjDailyDeals.com tries to give you more bong for your buck. It promises discounts of between 50 percent to 80 percent. And there is one sweet deal a day on an array of products that the company describes as "medical marijuana, hydroponics, edibles, and apparel."

Some of you will, no doubt, already be slightly excited by this prospect. So when I tell you that, according to the Huffington Post, a recent enticement involved a $27 discount off an eighth of an ounce of "top shelf" product--yes, a mere $23--you will feel a slight rushing sensation.

Screenshot: Chris Matyszczyk/CNET

The site is already using some of the staples of social networking.

Its Twitter feed is a fairly basic affair. However, just last week, it boasted that the Daily Deal was sold out. Its Facebook page is also active, especially when it comes to expressing that its favorite athlete is Michael Phelps.

The site's founder, John Molinaire, told the Huffington Post he believes that people will be so touched by the deals on offer that they won't feel abashed to share them publicly.

The service itself is perfectly legal, and anyone can buy a deal voucher for medical marijuana. To redeem such a voucher though, the person must be a "legally authorized medical marijuana patient," according to the Web site's FAQ.

I know you'll be thinking that there must be a catch. Well, just a small one. You have to live in Colorado. At least, right now. Molinaire reportedly hopes to expand.

However, while you immediately would want to offer him the suggestion that California might be a delightful home for his business, it seems that Colorado is America's only state allowing for-profit medical marijuana businesses.

But we know just how much California needs the tax revenue right now--as does, I am reliably informed, Texas.