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Hero combat dog skydives with the soldier she saved

Layka, who lost a leg saving soldiers from an attacker in Afghanistan, skydives with her handler to test a new parachute harness for US combat dogs serving abroad.

Layka is an amazing US combat dog who saved the lives of her handler and other members of the team from an armed assailant in Afghanistan. Sadly, Layka was shot four times by the attacker. She managed to subdue him, but lost a leg in the surgery that saved her life.

Her handler, Staff Sgt. Julian McDonald, went on to adopt Layka, who is now a beloved member of the McDonald family. McDonald volunteered Layka to help the military test a new type of parachute harness that will allow other military working dogs to more easily and safely reach remote locations along with their squads.

To test the harness, Layka and McDonald skydived out of a plane with tandem sky jumper Mike Elliott, landing safely on the ground below. Layka seemed fairly calm in her handler's arms as she made the descent, though there may still be those uncomfortable seeing an animal skydive, no matter the reasons.

Hopefully Layka can rest easy knowing she helped make it safer for other combat dogs serving abroad, though we think it's probably safe to say this won't become a hobby for the three-legged wonder dog. Check out Layka's skydiving experience in the National Geographic video above.

Video screenshot by Anthony Domanico/CNET