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Here's your first glimpse of villain Negan on 'The Walking Dead'

One of the biggest bad guys from the graphic-novel series is about to make his television debut.

Fans of "The Walking Dead" familiar with the original graphic novels that inspired the blockbuster hit show on AMC have been waiting for years now for one of the scariest villains of the series to finally darken their screens. The wait is about over, as we've just had our first glimpse of Negan and his brutal baseball bat named Lucille.

Fox Netherlands released a promo Friday for what appears to be the 90-minute season 6 finale, in which we'll apparently meet Negan in the flesh, as played by Jeffrey Dean Morgan (also seen in Amazon's "Extant" and in a tiny role in "Batman v. Superman").

The leaked promo has since been taken down, but above are a few screen shots of the brief glimpses we get of Negan's back and of Lucille. There's one more episode, this Sunday, before this season finale, which is set to air with April 3 on AMC.