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Here's what Obi-Wan should have done as a Force ghost

In an animated short, Dorkly shows that Obi-Wan Kenobi could have helped out so much more after his death.

After being struck down by Darth Vader in "Star Wars: Episode IV -- A New Hope," Obi-Wan Kenobi became a Force ghost who frequently provided guidance to Luke Skywalker on Luke's mission to defeat the Galactic Empire. But, as a new animated short from Dorkly points out, Obi-Wan could have done so much more.

In fact, Obi-Wan could have single-handedly defeated the Galactic Empire if he only had decided to haunt his former apprentice Darth Vader. In the clip, ghost Obi-Wan decides to torment Vader, who he calls the asthmatic space wizard who ruined his life, by doing things like loudly humming the Imperial March while Vader is trying to hold important meetings and reminding him of his days as Anakin Skywalker complaining about the sand.

Check out the entire clip for yourself at the top of this post, and learn how Force ghost Obi-Wan could have defeated Vader if he'd just managed to spook the Sith Lord at the right time.