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Here's proof that Apple fanboys actually adore Android

Dutch wags decide to upload Android onto an iPhone and tell Apple faithful that it's iOS 9. Boy, do they love it.

She thinks Apple is just chill, even when it's Android. Dit Is Normaal/YouTube screenshot by CNET

Technically Incorrect offers a slightly twisted take on the tech that's taken over our lives.

Apple's software has enjoyed its tricky moments lately.

Some influential commentators have wondered whether anyone is steering the software ship.

Perhaps the solution is simply to upload Android on your iPhone instead.

This radical, painful, impossible solution is one examined by some Dutch humor artistes. They thought they'd adorn an iPhone with Android software and tell the Apple faithful that this was actually iOS 9.

The results, uploaded to YouTube this week, are as edifying as they are desperate. Humanity's openness to suggestibility is laid bare. These Apple fanpersons suddenly think that Android is "smoother and prettier." Oh, and "faster."

As to why this is better than Android, one woman explains: "I dunno. Apple is just chill."

I sense a chill going up one or two fanperson-owned spines.

Clearly this video shows that those beloved of Apple will accept anything they believe comes out of the Cupertino Dream Factory.

But it wasn't just Apple fanpersons who were fooled. A tall young male stares at Android on an iPhone and declares: "I do think it looks better and I also prefer the way the apps look, but I still remain a Samsung fanboy."

Humans talking about phones have caught up with Hollywood producers talking about movies.

Nobody knows anything.