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Here's how silly taking a call on Apple Watch might be

Technically Incorrect: A parody video shows just one of the dilemmas that people might soon be suffering when they have a watch and a phone that take calls.

Technically Incorrect offers a slightly twisted take on the tech that's taken over our lives.

Two gadgets, two minds, cross purposes? RatedWTF/YouTube screenshot by Chris Matyszczyk/CNET

Technology is there to solve your problems. The secret, though, is that it also creates dilemmas.

Should I go to Facebook when I wake up or to Twitter? Should I go on OK Cupid or Seeking Arrangement? It's astonishing that anyone stays sane.

Now here's the Apple Watch, which, like the finest lover, is supposed to look pretty and solve your problems but may just add to your woes.

This is something wittily expressed by a video from the witsters at Rated WTF. (Not Exactly Safe For Work.) It posits the notion of an ego squabble between your iPhone's Siri and your Apple Watch's Roscoe.

A call comes through on the phone and the watch. What to do? Which gadget should one respond to? Is there a hierarchy?

And then there's the issue of how taking a call on each device looks. Will you look sexier talking to the phone or the hand?

You see, it's lovely that Apple now offers this Continuity thing that cheerily allows all your Apple devices to ring at once when a telemarketer calls.

But is this something you actually want?

How heart-throbbing it will be when you have to spend even more time considering what you really want out of your devices. And, indeed, what they really want out of you.