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Here comes the bride, all dressed in--toilet paper?

In an ode to flushable fashion, winners of the 2011 Toilet Paper Wedding Dress Contest weave two-ply magic. Just don't squeeze the Charmin.

Susan Brennan's prizewinning frills: Will they flush? Cheap Chic Weddings

I'm told wedding dresses can cost thousands of dollars. But in these trying economic times, brides can seek inspiration in Susan Brennan, winner of a contest to design a wedding dress out of...toilet paper.

Brennan, of Orchard Lake, Mich., takes home a prize of $1,000 for this innovative gown for the throne, created from four rolls of toilet paper, some hot glue, and some packing tape, according to contest organizer Cheap Chic Weddings.

I've heard of turning office paper into toilet paper, but I confess I didn't know the latter could be the stuff of fashion.

I think rain could really ruin a wedding that featured this getup.

Still, the winners of this, the seventh contest of its kind, created some truly remarkable, detailed, and gorgeous dresses out of dead trees.

Nearly 1,000 dresses were submitted to the contest, including the gown created by Third-prize winner Cynthia Richards of Marietta, Ga., who pieced together her creation out of a whopping 20 rolls of bathroom tissue. You can see more pics of the dresses here.

Now if only Mr. Whipple were around to give away the bride.