Hercules diamond speakers: A girl's best friend?

But really, who cares about the specs on the XPS Diamond speakers? Did you notice that they look like big diamonds?!

Amanda Kooser
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Amanda Kooser
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Hercules XPS Diamond Speakers
Diamond speakers put some awe in your audio. Hercules

I get it. Chicks are supposed to like diamonds. Diamonds make us fall in love and turn into cooing mushes of appreciation. If only they weren't so darn expensive and politically incorrect. Cheer up, gals! There is hope. Hercules is attempting to solve all of our problems with its new $40 XPS Diamond 2.0 USB Speakers.

These black beauties are "designed with female users in mind," but they could also become a big hit with the cross-dressing crowd. Each speaker is a slim 3.5 inches wide. That's way bigger than the rock on the ring that snooty lady in the next cubicle is sporting. She'll be full of envy when she sees your matching diamond speakers glinting in the fluorescent light.

The XPS Diamond speakers are powered through USB, have magnetic shielding to prevent interference, and come with a wired mini remote control for changing the volume. But who cares about the specs? Did you notice that they look like big diamonds?!

Hercules has already given Webcams a facelift and designed a DJ console that could survive the apocalypse. It was really just a matter of time before the company created speakers that could double as Lady Gaga earrings.

This does of course, open up tantalizing opportunities for broke geeks to propose to girlfriends they met through World of Warcraft. "Will you spend the rest of your druid life with me? Please accept these diamond speakers as a token of my forever regenerating love. Use them to hear my mighty battle cry of marriage."