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Henry Cavill's new Superman suit might steal Batman's favorite color

Superman could get a new look soon. All that hanging out with Batman seems to be rubbing off on the superhero's fashion sense.

Superman typically has a very defined look. He wears primarily blue and red, all done up in a skin-tight super-suit designed to showcase his muscles.

Actor Henry Cavill has sported a modified version of that style with the textured outfit he wears in the most recent films. Now it looks like his encounters with Batman in "Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice" are going to impact his fashion choices.

On Monday, Cavill teased on Instagram and Facebook an extreme close-up look at what could be a new Superman suit. The cryptic photo simply includes the hashtag #superman and shows an extremely detailed texture job on a black material. It appears to be zoomed in on part of Superman's chest-worn logo.

Superman's next big-screen appearance is slated for the Justice League movie due in late 2017. The super-group film will gather additional stars, including Wonder Woman. It's unknown whether Superman will make a cameo in the standalone Wonder Woman movie earlier in 2017. We'll also have to wait and see if there are any snarky lines aimed at Superman, like "Batman called. He wants his suit back."

(Via Entertainment Weekly)