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Hello Kitty wine, for the cutest bender ever

Meowza! An Italian winery teams with Sanrio to offer adult beverages with the friendly feline's face on the label.

Toast to everyone's favorite mouthless cat with Hello Kitty wine.
Torti Wine

Hello Kitty has no mouth. NO MOUTH. That means she can't drink the new line of Hello Kitty wine. So we're just going to have to do it for her.

Italy's Torti winery has teamed up with Sanrio, the Japanese company behind Hello Kitty, to create wine with the feline cutie's face on the label, the Los Angeles Times reports. It's a little weird, since Hello Kitty generally appeals to kids who aren't even within a decade of the legal drinking age. But never underestimate the cute factor, especially when it comes to products from Japan.

The Torti winery website reports that the wines include a variety of sparkling roses, sparkling whites, and a red, but we're going out on a limb to declare the Sweet Pink rose the ultimate Hello Kitty vino. Just look at that center bottle in the photo! Not only is the wine pink, but there's a sweet little gold-painted heart impressed on the bottle.

Unfortunately, finding out where the wine is available is as mysterious as Hello Kitty's lack of a mouth. The winery's website links to Wine Country Gift Baskets as the only place to buy it in the US and Canada, but when contacted, the company reports it no longer carries the wine. The Los Angeles Times reports that Antonello Ristorante in Santa Ana, California, is the only eatery in the paper's region that sells it.

We've reached out to Torti winery and to Sanrio to see where Hello Kitty wine is available, but if weird wine is your thing, please note that we've previously written about blue wine and wine that cats can drink.