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Hello Kitty wants to suck up your savings

Credit card featuring the likeness of the Evil Cat.


You might've thought the World of Warcraft credit card was pushing it, but really, you ain't seen nothin' yet.

Upon encountering the Hello Kitty Platinum Plus Visa on ThisNext, I initially thought it had to be a joke. But, no, a quick amount of Googling revealed that it's legitimate. Sanrio really does offer a Hello Kitty credit card, so that you can hop around the world in search of all things pink and shiny. Now, not only will the ubiquitous cat be telling you that you're fat or making you toast, but she'll also be helping you run your finances into the ground!

Luckily, the rewards point system is refreshingly normal--you get Visa's usual WorldPoints, not any kind of wacky frequent flier miles on the Hello Kitty Jet or discounts toward a Hello Kitty robot of your very own. That'd be pushing it.

Act now, and you'll get a free Hello Kitty sequined change purse! (What, no Swarovski crystals?)