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Hello Kitty empire seizes Epson laptops

It's not just an afterthought anymore.

Hello Kitty Hell

Hello Kitty laptops are certainly nothing new, unfortunately, but their influence on design seems to be getting disturbingly deeper with each new model. Take, for example, Epson's two new "A4 Monogrammed Laptops."

As spiritual leader Hello Kitty Hell observes, these are distinctly different from the earlier laptops that simply had some Swarovski cat faces glued onto them. The nauseatingly familiar pink and white accents are thoroughly integrated into the design of these Epson computers, which come in your choice of two HK themes.

These are no cheap toys either: They have a Celeron M 1.73GHz chip, 1GB of memory, an 80GB hard drive and Windows Vista installed, for $1,640. It seems that some new "Goodbye Kitty" magnets are in order.