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Helicopter helps nab suspected iPhone thief

In a scene resembling the chase for O.J. and his white Bronco, a police helicopter assists in following an Australian teen suspected of stealing an iPhone.

If you happen to have your precious iPhone stolen from you in the broadness of daylight, you might wish that you might be helped in your quest for justice by something fast and airborne.

One distressed iPhone owner in a suburb of Melbourne, Australia, enjoyed just such fortune after her iPhone was stolen in a hospital.

According to the Age, the alleged perpetrator, a 16-year-old, sped away with the iPhone on a bike. Which was, coincidentally, also allegedly purloined illegally from its owner.

Steal one, and the flying squad may give chase. CC Gonzalo Baeza Hernandez/Flickr

It just so happened that the police had a helicopter flying around in the vicinity.

The Age doesn't record what the chopper might have been doing up there. Perhaps there just isn't enough crime in Melbourne, so the pilot flew out for a stroll and a little lunch. However, once he was told that the iPhone was equipped with a GPS app, the pilot gave flying chase.

I imagine it is a little easier chasing a boy on a bike than a former USC running back in a Ford Bronco. So it is unsurprising the teen hopped off the bike and onto a tram.

Sadly for him, but happily for the iPhone owner, the police are very well aware of tram routes, and he was arrested. Ill luck, like trams, often comes in multiples. So who can be astonished that police also reportedly found a little marijuana on his person?

I see a future in which little remote-controlled planes, armed with Spider-Man-like webs, will be sent into the sky every time a miscreant dares to thieve away the lifeblood that is an iPhone.