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See a hedgehog unlock an iPhone with its tiny paw

Using your finger to unlock your iPhone is so last year. What you need is a helpful hedgehog instead.

As it turns out, you can unlock an iPhone with cuteness.

Most people use a fingerprint to activate the Touch ID unlocking feature on their iPhones. YouTube user RM Videos found a much more adorable way to handle the task by using a pet hedgehog's itsy-bitsy pawprint instead.

The hedgehog's name is Sashimi (nicknamed "Mimi") and she lives with her person in Hong Kong. The prickly mammal poses for Instagram photos, wears tiny knit hats and seems to be enjoying a lazy life of luxury when she's not unlocking iPhones.

Let's take a closer look at a hedgehog's paw because squee! A hedgehog's front foot has five toes, each tipped with a dainty claw. They're built for burrowing, but Sashimi's pinkish paw is also sized just right to fit on the Touch ID sensor.

Hedgehogs aren't known for their technology skills, so Sashimi requires some help to access the phone. The setup for the hedgehog's paw works just the same as when you train the software to recognize a fingerprint. Most likely, the paw-unlock was just a proof-of-concept experiment and Sashimi won't have to go everywhere the phone goes.