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Heavy-metal band captchas will rock your face off

Turn your website security up to 11 with captchas that challenge you to identify heavy-metal band names based on their logos.

Metal Captcha
Are you tough enough to handle Metal Captcha? Screenshot by Amanda Kooser/CNET

Everybody hates captchas. They're weird little security devices that frustrate innocent Web surfers who spend precious minutes trying to unscramble garbled text and numbers just to be able to submit a form and confirm their identity as actual human beings.

Not all captchas have to be annoying little monsters. They can be entertaining. All you need is the Metal Captcha service from HeavyGifts, a self-described "metal and rock fanatic creative design factory." Real people will love it while bots will be turned away.

The heavy-metal version of a captcha is sometimes even more challenging than a regular one. Metal-band logos are notoriously cryptic, the fonts are jagged and ragged and sometimes you just get a symbol. It will take a pretty knowledgeable metalhead to successfully conquer all of the Metal Captcha offerings.

I've been sitting here running captchas for several minutes and I'm only batting about .500. Metal Captcha taunts you when you get it wrong, saying things like "Are you a Belieber?" and "Lame!" Chances are your favorite ear-blistering band is listed. The captchas cover everything from Sinister to Saint Vitus to The Black Dahlia Murder. I keep hoping Spinal Tap will make an appearance, but no joy yet.

Metal Captcha is available to embed into forms on your own site. You don't have to be Slayer or Metallica to get the captcha treatment. HeavyGifts is accepting submissions of black-and-white band logos, so your local face-melting groups can get involved in the exciting world of captchas.

(Via Boing Boing)