Heathrow Airport to get third runway under British government plan

Prime Minister Theresa May's cabinet has given its approval.

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Even with the thumbs up, a new runway won't be open for several years.

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The British government has approved a plan to open a third runway at London's Heathrow Airport.

The controversial plan got the thumbs up from Prime Minister Theresa May's cabinet on Tuesday.

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Speaking to Parliament, Transport Secretary Chris Grayling said this was a "historic moment" and highlighted that Heathrow is "the busiest two-runway airport in the world." However, he said the runway won't be open for several years -- suggesting it might happen by 2026.

So don't rush to get ready for a flight from this runway for a little while yet.

Business groups like the British Chamber of Commerce hailed the announcement, but MP John McDonnell, whose constituency lies near Heathrow, is against the plan.

"Today I am even more convinced that this would be a costly, environmental and social disaster that will never be built," he wrote on Twitter.

Amazon's Alexa has a Heathrow-specific skill that allows passengers to ask questions their flight and have answers read back to them, with access to 1,300 flights per day.

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